Membership benefits

Phi Kappa Phi members are eligible to apply for numerous Scholarships and Awards, valued at $1 million each biennium. The Society's extensive award programs provide everything from $15,000 Fellowships for graduate school to $500 Love of Learning grants for continuing education and professional development.

You will become part of a select community of top scholars and professionals. The roster of more than 1 million members boasts doctors, lawyers, politicians and soldiers, plus educators, administrators, scientists and researchers, not to mention athletes and coaches, bankers and businesspeople, writers and performers, and professionals in just about every other discipline imaginable. They're often leaders in their field and committed to serving others.

More Benefits

Explanation of Dues

As a new Phi Kappa Phi member, you will pay certain national and chapter fees. The national initiation fee, $65, pays for your pin, a certificate, and one year of national dues.The annual national membership fee is separate from your local chapter fees. Chapter fees, which vary and go directly to the chapter, cover the cost of the initiation banquet or reception and other local events, programs and awards.

The annual membership renewal fee is $35 and is required to be an active member and receive the full benefits of membership for one year.You can also choose to support and strenghten our chapter through paying local dues.

Please see Explanation of Dues at the national website for more information.

More Benefits

Phi Kappa Phi logo graphics and verification letters are available to enhance your résumé. While Phi Kappa Phi is much more than a line on a résumé, it is an impressive line none-the-less. When it's time to apply for a job, a scholarship, or a graduate program, our materials will help you highlight your membership in the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society.

Phi Kappa Phi corporate partners provide discounts to members. By partnering with companies such as Apple, Dell, T-Mobile and Liberty Mutual, Phi Kappa Phi is able to offer valuable discounts and services to its members, often at negotiated savings.

A Mentor Match program pairs long-term, accomplished members with the next generation of leaders. Phi Kappa Phi's talent pool is substantial, and our Mentor Match program allows active members to tap into it in mutually beneficial ways. Bright and ambitious, new Phi Kappa Phi members can forge vital relationships to help realize their goals.

Phi Kappa Phi supports its members throughout their lifetimes of learning. Regular online seminars reach out to students and professional members with timely information on everything from job searches to the economy. Phi Kappa Phi Forum, the Society's flagship quarterly magazine, features a variety of timely, relevant articles from influential scholars, educators, writers and other authorities; many contributors are also active members.

A Career Center specifically for Phi Kappa Phi members has thousands of job opportunities posted within its network, from internships to high-level positions. In addition, the Career Center focuses on professional networking and offers a multitude of relevant career resources — all within a user-friendly environment that can be customized to your individual needs.

Phi Kappa Phi provides a variety of networking and leadership opportunities for members. Online social and professional networking opportunities are available through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, along with a comprehensive online membership directory and message board. Leadership positions are available at the chapter and national levels. 

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